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An increasing number of consumers are now aware of the value and importance of reducing their operating costs. One way to minimize abnormal tire wear and increased fuel cost is to check and correct the settings of wheels and axles through a wheel alignment.

Since 2001, Colmec has worked with mobile wheel alignment and we continuously expand our resources in order to help our customers and our end users to reduce tire and fuel costs.

Calculation example

Assume that there are 16 tires on a 4-axled trailer and about 16 mm tread on each new tire. Assume that on a trailer with incorrect wheel angles a tire change is carried out 4 mm too soon every year. Then you have lost 4 tires prematurely (16/4).

Four new tires cost about 3200 SEK per unit, i.e. 12 800 SEK extra tire cost.

Having a measured and adjusted trailer means that it consumes 2 dl less fuel per mile.
Let’s say the trailer goes 20 000 kilometers per year multiplied by 0.2 l = 4 000 l diesel. We multiply this sum with the diesel price 14: 00 and then get a fuel saving of 56 000 SEK in total.

The total savings will be 12 800 SEK + 56 000 SEK = 68 800 SEK.

A measurement and full axles direction is an investment of approximately 9 000 SEK.

The saving for the owner of the vehicle in this case will be about 59 800 SEK.

If a trucking company has 14 trailers the savings will approximately be 837 200 SEK per year.

In case of 28 trailers the savings will be about 1 674 400 SEK per year.






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