Nitrogen in the tires keeps the pressure!

The air around us is composed of two components; oxygen and nitrogen, and separating these compounds from each other makes it possible to use only nitrogen for filling tires. Using nitrogen instead of regular air in tires leads to the correct pressure being maintained in the tires.

The rubber in the tire acts as a membrane where the air slowly leaks through which means that the pressure in the tire eventually becomes too low. Due to the nitrogen molecule having other characteristics, compared to the oxygen molecule, the nitrogen isn´t leaking out as fast.

A sustained and correct air pressure makes the vehicle roll easier. This means that the vehicle consumes less fuel and causes lower emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. Sustained pressure reduces the tire wear and the tire life increases significantly. Due to correct pressure the road handling is also improved. The vehicle becomes easier to handle in a critical situation and the braking distance becomes shorter.

The air that usually fills the tires contains moisture. When the tire switches from hot to cold, condensation appears on the inside and the risk of corrosion on steel-and aluminum rims increases. Eventually, it will also affect the quality of the tire. Nitrogen is dry and inert, i.e. reacts neither with tires or rims.

Nitrogen in tires is becoming more common among trucking companies and road carriers around the world. In the airline industry nitrogen has been used a long time, mainly due to the risk of tire failure being reduced. In many ports vehicles that carry dangerous goods have to use nitrogen since it will not add oxygen in the event of a fire. Due to its special characteristics, nitrogen is also common in racing sports, such as Formula 1 and NASCAR.

Colmec has developed its own concept to enable our customers tire workshops to offer their end users nitrogen in the tires. Colmec launches various concepts for various areas of use.

Besides making sure you have the right pressure in your tires the benefits of using nitrogen are many:

  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • No corrosion on rims
  • Increased security
  • Increased retreading ability
  • Increased tire mileage