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For you as a customer, it is important to have technical support just when you need it. We have taken note of this, and you can always reach our sales staff, not only during normal working hours but also during evenings and weekends.

Since all employees at Colmec solely work with truck and bus tires, we have a unique expertise in this area. You can also get technical support by our logistics manager and indoor sales person, Christian Jenneteg.

Our sales staff is ready to provide you with:

  • Technical information
  • Recommendations
  • Advice regarding choices of pattern
  • Product information
  • Information about wheel alignment in the event of mechanical failure
  • Follow up on tire status
  • Support during visit to end users
  • Distribution of tires and at special needs even directly to the end user
  • In many cases enrollment of casings
  • Regular visits to you

Our logistics manager and indoor sales person can help you with:

  • Information about casings
  • Pairing of casings
  • Pattern recommendations
  • Choices of pattern
  • Production control
  • Delivery times
  • Stock status
  • Distribution issues