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The production of retreaded Boss tires is characterized by a controlled process both environmentally and qualitatively, according to a market leading concept. The Boss production in Norrköping is the most modern and is carried out with the newest machinery equipment in Europe. In these steps Boss is produced:

The casings are collected from our customers, through our own distribution resources. The customer determines whether the casings should be retreaded or credited. Our drivers are part of the sales process and important ambassadors for Colmec.

All casings get an individual marking, where the upcoming retreading is controlled by a production card. The customer always gets his submitted casing back. Colmec never changes casings. The casings pass through the scanography machine (the only one in Northern Europe) before the work is carried out. Non retreadable casings are disposed.

All casings undergo additional individual inspection where the casing is inspected both internally and externally. Any damages are marked for action.

In a fully automatic computer-controlled buffing equipment old rubber in the tread band area is removed. Casings are buffed to exact roundness and width. Each operator controls two buffing machines.

All damages are sharpened up and finely adjusted, if major damages occurred, reinforcement is made. New modern technology offers the highest level of quality. Casings have now gained their requisite bearing capacity.

The tread roll is cut to the right length. Then the tread laying is carried out with optimal balance of the tread band area, the centering of which is optimized by special technology controlled by polarizing light.

The tire is prepared with inner-and outer envelope and also vacuumed. This results in an absolutely tight unit. The tire is now protected from direct air pressure throughout the vulcanization process.

We are continuously investing in quality and further development to give our customers a first class product, both today and in the future. We have therefore invested in the latest technology for the final inspection process.

The Spectra machine that is now installed is both maneuverable and ergonomically designed, in order to both ease the operation itself as the working environment. The machine operates with high voltage of 25 000 volts and identifies via electrodes deviations in the tire that are not detected by the naked eye, such as micro-holes in the inner line. If the tire may not pass this final inspection, it is removed for action.

Kvalitetsnivån på våra Bossregummeringar likställs med nya däck.

All our finished retreaded tires then proceed to our pressure testing department. Once it’s there the tire is pressure tested to 10.5 bar in the last step before it is delivered to the customer, in order to ensure our unique high quality level. Approval means a new secure action on the customers vehicle. Our retreading process is the only one in Europe and has the unique high quality level which can be equated with a new tire.

Our tires are delivered through our own distribution resources, according to the customers preferences.